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Founded in 1975 by Josif and George Atanasoski, Microflex Inc. has become a global provider of high quality flexible metal products serving the automotive, petrochemical, and power generation industries.

Located in a fully integrated, 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Ormond Beach, Florida, Microflex designs, builds, and operates the world's most advanced metal forming and braiding equipment. Among their over 140 employees is a staff of engineers that design products for reliability and value.

Microflex holds many manufacturing quality certifications, including ISO9001, which assure the customer of a quality product, delivered on time.

1975 – founded in New Haven, CT.

1980 – relocates to Ormond Beach, FL

1982 – purchases 30+ acres for future manufacturing site

1984 – constructs new 48,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility

1985 – receives certification for ASME U stamp

1988 – enters automotive aftermarket with innovative
Autoflex® products

1990 – expands facility with additional 54,000 sq/ft expansion joint production facility

1993 – receives ISO 9001 certification

1994 – expands facility with additional 20,000 sq/ft braid
production facility

1999 – receives first large OEM automotive exhaust bellows contract

2002 – receives European PED certification (CE stamp)

2002 – receives first large oem automotive fuel system component

2004 – installs automotive NVH and material testing lab

2006 – develops a collapsible steering bellows

2007 – initial plans and design completed for construction of new 45,000 sq/ft oem automotive products division

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